101-EN-20, Doctors say that . . .

There are actually two versions of the headline
namely both an official and an unofficial


as they are not allowed to comment

Doctors are not allowed to have opinions
as long as we are talking on something medical

If a doctor – officially – speaks his/her opinion
be it about a treatment
or about a product

if the product or treatment
is not officially approved

then he will be in serious trouble
and will probably lose his medical license
meaning the right to work as a doctor
and by that
the income stops

But unofficially
then the tone is completely different
and even kindly smiling

“You will not for the first many years
get an official statement from a doctor
because then he loses his job

And forget about getting your product officially approved
if we talk here and now

the product has to undergo a lot of tests and studies
then it must be tested on test persons
and we’re talking about both blind tests and control groups

It is a process that takes several years
and it is very expensive


But unofficially
it is of course a different matter altogether

If you write this on your excellent website
then of course I will deny
having said anything at all

But when I tell you now
that we are several colleagues
who have started with your treatment
then you can read into it whatever you want

It seems that your mixture has a beneficial effect
and at least the two products cannot do any harm

And now I have no more comments ”

* * *

That’s how the friendly smiling doctor concluded