101-EN-12, Finally she came home

Saturday 2019.03.23 – afternoon
just 4 days after the surgery on Tuesday 2019.03.19

Here Tomiko is smiling and waiting
waiting for me to take her home

She was already discharged in the morning
after Herning had done another scan
and Skejby said “great – she’s ready to go home”

She is happy – but still a little weak – I can see

A little late by the way – I didn’t go to Herning until 15:00
there were some things I had to sort out first
at my office
and while I took a quick shower before hitting the road
put the coffee machine on to make a pot of coffee
or so I thought . . .

But Tomiko preferred to get into the car
where she felt at home
and that was good enough for me


The wandering merchant

We weren’t in a hurry – no one was waiting for us
so we spent a couple of very pleasant hours together

In Vestergade (Herning) I just wanted another photo
of the statue of the wandering merchant
with many clothes and small items on his back

So both my mother and us children opened our eyes wide
when he showed his wares on the kitchen table
during my childhood in Sønder Vium in 1956 and 57

Herning Klædefabrik Museum

The statue is now housed at Herning Klædefabrik Museum
as a reminder of the times when Denmark began to flourish
starting on the moorlands in the Herning-Ikast area
especially in the post-World War II era
in the 1950s-60s


The large rock in Ikast

Very well illustrated in Ikast
with a very large rock in the middle of a roundabout

Why am I talking about these things from the old days
especially the Ikast-Herning area
everybody will understand – not a long time from now

* * *

That day I had to check out the location of a few places
mainly in Ikast

We took a walk around the “Strøgcentret” in Ikast
a beautiful covered pedestrian street

And finally, I bought flowers for Tomiko
She had left her previous flowers at the hospital in Skejby
(you can not bring flowers in an ambulance)

The old Cinema in Ikast

and I showed Tomiko the building in Ikast
where I – at 7 years old –
on vacation with Grandma and Grandpa
had the greatest experience of my life
of my whole life

Grandma had bought me a movie ticket

For the first time in my life
I saw moving pictures
namely a Father-of-Four film

I was completely mesmerized
that day I will never forget
thank you – dearest Grandma

* * *

And finally – with pleasure
we could continue heading west
to our own home
once again with my wife by my side