101-EN-02, Brain hemorrhage = Apoplexy

It is not pleasant
the word alone – bleeding in the brain – is unpleasant

The ambulance here took me to the hospital in 2003
(however, the photo is not from that day)

It was just past 12 noon
I had just moved from my office to the meeting room
where my wife and I had our lunch every day

“My lips feel weird”, I said

My wife stared at me

In a matter of a few minutes
it became a full-blown apoplexy
at first – I could hardly utter intelligible words
then I lost control of my hand and arm
and within five minutes, the whole of one side was limp

I then kindly asked the Alarm Center
about sending the ambulance without sirens
because there was no reason to alarm the whole village
and they accepted that

I went down the stairs myself

When I was placed on the stretcher in the ambulance
my arm dropped to the floor
The paramedic lifted it up
and asked me to hold it with the other hand

On the third day, I was back in the office

In a marvelous way,
it had almost gone away by the evening
and the next afternoon I was discharged

Apart from Lillian – our former neighbour’s wife –
who was a nurse in “my” department,
there is no one in our family and circle of acquaintance
who heard so much as a word about this episode

I was on an excellent leadership course a few decades ago
and learned there that you only talk about sickness with your doctor
unless your knowledge can help others
and my knowledge can do that now

* * *