101-EN-06, How to make the Elixir of Life

These are the simple natural products
just 30 cloves of garlic + 3 lemons
– no chemicals or anything else unnatural –

The finest natural products imaginable
both have been known and used for centuries
garlic was previously particularly used by monks
against almost every conceivable kind of illness and suffering

Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C (antioxidants)

The only known product that contains even more
is the Japanese green tea
where a single cup of tea contains more vitamin C
then a whole lemon does

My wife and I have drunk
a cup of Japanese Matcha green tea
every day of our 28-year marriage,
we have never had a sick day

This means an ordinary sick day
flu and the like

So, the Elixir of Life can certainly do no harm,
every doctor will attest to that

Garlic usually has a penetrating odor
that causes unpleasant breath
but ingested in this way,
you cannot detect any odor at all

Only the flavor remains
which is not delicious
but certainly not undrinkable

Instead think about your clogged veins
– as well as your heart and circulation –
it can be like
“the circulation of a young girl”
as the doctor said


Here is the recipe for the Elixir of Life
as well as an explanation of how it works:

The Elixir of Life


Note: Note: Note:
The Elixir of Life does not change blood cholesterol content
a high cholesterol level is still too high
only the cholesterol deposited
in the blood vessels over the years

the wonderful thing is
that the dissolved cholesterol in the blood does no harm
On the contrary – it’s vital

It is only the excess cholesterol
that is deposited in the blood vessels
(and mistakenly called calcification)
– only that is fatal –
and only because a piece can break off

An artery with calcification
is not dangerous in itself
it “only” makes circulation harder

A block in artery caused by layer of cholesterol

It is only cholesterol deposits
that you can remove with the Elixir of Life
but fortunately – this is also the dangerous part
and the one which can cause a blood clot