101-EN-04, Blood vessels of a young girl

Of course, I continued to ingest the garlic mixture
whose real name is otherwise:
the Elixir of Life

Circulation of the heart
probably the most important organ in the body
closely followed by the brain
which is almost as important

The least you can do for yourself
is – however – twice a year
to ingest the Elixir of Life

Then you are reasonably sure
that you probably won’t be affected by a blood clot

And you can certainly believe it is something that works
the cholesterol in your arteries simply dissolves
and is subsequently disposed of by the kidneys

I myself underwent a CAG examination
at Vejle Hospital on May 10, 2006
(i.e. 3 years after my blood clot)

CAG is where they put a long tube into the groin
right up to the heart
then they pump in contrast liquid
and on a screen they can follow
and see if there are deposits and/or narrow passages

CAG is the abbreviation for ‘coronary angiography’

The doctor was very surprised and exclaimed:
“It’s incredible, you’re a middle-aged man
but you have the arteries of a young girl”

I smiled happily at my wife, but didn’t say anything