101-EN-13, Side effects of the Elixir of Life

We use the word side effects
the pharmaceutical industry uses the term “Secondary effects”

A very negative term
for these are usually something “not so good”

This is precisely because the word
is usually used for medicine
and all chemically produced medicines have side effects

With the Elixir of Life, it’s the opposite
so here the term “side effect” should be used instead
thus something extra you get

And the side effect here
is an absolute good – for most people
fat-burning increases – due to garlic
and after the 2 x 3 weeks,
you have usually lost 2-3 kg

Those who have respiratory problems
(i.e, easily get out of breath)
report improved breathing already on day 2

You can also be pretty sure
that during that period

you will not be affected by any kind of disease
bacteria, bacilli and the like
cannot tolerate garlic

Only good side effects – from these nature products