101-EN-15, Unknown powers of Garlic?

Garlic – or “hvidløg” in Danish

These onions are – of course – the same species of onions
which are used for the manufacture of Elixir of Life
just mixed with lemons

It is the garlic – that does the main job
of consuming the deposited fat in the blood vessels
but the lemons are a necessary ingredient

I am repeating what the nurse at Herning Hospital said
since doctors already by the 3rd day after surgery (Friday)
were ready to send Tomiko back to her local hospital
so she could be sent home on the Saturday

* * *
“Yes, that’s right”
explained a very friendly nurse
“since your wife has recovered surprisingly quickly
according to the doctors in Skejby

The average for bypass patients is 10-12 days in total
of which 3-5 days are in Skejby and the rest of the time with us
up to when the sternum and other things have roughly grown back together
and the patient is otherwise well

But we have never experienced SUCH a short healing period

Tomorrow morning we will do another scan at Skejby
and if it continues to progress so quickly
then there is no reason for her to stay here with us”

The reason, of course, is not that she is Japanese
as a nurse in Herning suggested as the cause
obviously not

The only thing that sets Tomiko apart from other people is
that she showed up for the operation with the Elixir of Life in her body
– thus, her body full of garlic –

That, in turn, made a significant change
and she recovered twice as fast as usual


That is why we were told
not to cancel the Bypass operation
for humankind is still unaware
of the unknown powers of garlic

* * *
At least I know for sure
that if I have to undergo surgery one day
I’ll start taking Elixir of Life 7 days beforehand

Such an additional treatment with Elixir of Life
can be safely taken
not for better cleansing of cholesterol
because it is removed
if you follow the program
and start every 1/3 and 1/9 – first of March and September

But you can easily take an extra treatment
as all the good effects of garlic strengthen the body


I say:

15 years of reflection and experimentation
have finally been crowned with a perfect outcome

This last point
on the hidden powers of garlic
I had absolutely no idea about

No one had given me as much as a hint
so the surprise was even bigger – and happier

Even more so
when I now – in the wonderful bright light of hindsight –
can see how beautifully everything was organized
all the small events along the way
which so many – also known as “scholars” – refer to as coincidences

Many of the same scientists
also believe that the Universe was created by a Big Bang
and by chance humans, among others, appeared,
with, for example, medical science
out of this crazy chaos
that such a bang inevitably would have resulted in

That is just as foolish
as believing that God created it all in 7 days

But soon,
things will be brought to light
as they really are

Humankind is facing a brighter future