101-EN-10, Preliminary examination

We were to meet at Skejby Hospital 2019.03.18 at 08.00 am
so we drove to Aarhus on the Sunday
the day before
and stayed at BB Motel/Hotel

Had been told that Tomiko should eat meat
for the body to have enough building blocks to work with
and the surgery was scheduled for Tuesday 19th.

So we ate at the nearby “Harbour Inn”
and we also did so on Monday evening

. . . and we had a very nice evening
Tomiko has never touched either alcohol or tobacco
so in our family it is me who does this hard work

I stopped smoking my pipe 5 years ago
it became more and more difficult to be a smoker

Monday evening – back at the hotel
Tomiko just took one last photo
before the major – 4-hour long – surgery


But on Monday at 8:00 am, we showed up, as said

First, a new blood test was needed
it was over in 15 minutes

Then we had to go to the cardiac department
and wait in the lounge
for a conversation with the surgeon
before the major surgery tomorrow

It was a long wait
the doctor came at 16:15 – when he had finished the day’s surgeries

Fortunately – as always – I had my computer with me
so I answered both orders and inquiries
and Tomiko read about celebrities in the weekly magazines

At 1:00 pm, I went to the car and picked up our lunch boxes
which Tomiko had made the day before

Here I got a photo of the helicopter landing pad
it was also the only photo of the day

But I still had a huge surprise to come
the biggest in long, long time


While we are waiting for the doctor
so let’s just look at the scan of Tomiko’s heart
taken on December 13, 2018.12.13 at Skejby Hospital
when she had a stent placed in her heart:

The arrows show the blocked artery inside the heart
or rather – don’t show – because it’s blocked


So, they placed a stent
and it certainly made a huge difference

Look at the long artery over the 2 arrows


That’s a stent
that was placed inside the heart

Then she was sent home and had to wait for 3 months
for her blood to be thinner, so they could perform a bypass

The 3 months have now passed
and tomorrow the surgery is to take place


At 2:00 pm, a friendly nurse came into the lounge
she told us and showed us about “after the surgery”,
among other things
how important it is to cross your arms across your chest
every time you move in bed
and especially if you need to get out of bed

This is because the sternum is cut during surgery
and must have a chance to grow back together
therefore, arms are crossed protectively

Finally, a doctor showed up
of Middle Eastern descent – as it is called today
he would not join the team tomorrow
just had to inform us about the process
with help from some A4 posters

After 15 minutes telling us about the process
he asked if we had any questions

I took the opportunity to mention
that Tomiko’s arteries ARE clear
most of her deposits over the years are gone
via a garlic mixture

I showed him photos on the computer at the same time
how to get my garlic mixture
to dissolve and consume cholesterol lumps
doctors called calcium deposits

My intention was to ask him to ensure
that I could get a few cm of the cleaned blood vessel
(from Tomiko – when they are in there anyway)
I have never seen such a thing in reality
and find out in there
that the piece that had been hardened in December
was already now nice and clear

but I didn’t get that far

The doctor stared at me in astonishment:
“If it’s right what you say
that you can remove deposits from blood vessels,
how are cardiologists going to make a living”?

I was very surprised
stared at him questioningly
thought doctors were there to help patients

“Do you want me to
cancel the surgery tomorrow”?

“No, definitely not” – I quickly answered
and at the same time shut the computer screen
so he could see I meant it

But as has already been said
he would not be operating on Tomiko
another team of other cardiac specialists would be
and we said goodbye to each other