101-EN-09, She had to surrender to the Elixir of Life

December (2018) went by – and January (2019) with

Tomiko taking the Brilique pill twice daily
as well as a Lipistad to lower cholesterol levels
and it went ok
at least for the first month
from the date of discharge on 2018.12.15

Tomiko was reasonably healthy
and actually felt very well

* * *

As usually happens several times each year
then we were again contacted by DR
(DR = Denmarks Radio & TV)
they do this – when they are lacking something Japanese
be it products or persons
for some special use

Thats because our company name is
(Japanese Denmark)
and we are selling mainly Japanese products
mainly Japanese beds and futons

We have had to drive to Copenhagen several times
(almost 350 km from our place)
with some product from our warehouse
often something to use “here and now”

This time, however, it was one or two Japanese
they were to participate in a recording
of the program “Maddysten”
but this time there was a full 4 days for the recording
that was due on January 19, 2019 from 12:00 to 4:00 pm
and they were to eat sushi

I contacted the management immediately
at the Jutland branch of the Japanese Association
which we had been with on Saturday
in celebration of a Japanese New Year’s party in Vrønding
but none of them could on Saturday
they were all busy elsewhere

We then tried some individuals
but e.g. Mayu in Aalborg had to teach
and others had other tasks

Tomiko and I are probably the ones in Denmark
who know most about Sushi
we have taught over 11,000 people on courses
1-2 times monthly since 2008
so we decided to take on the task ourselves

* * *

On Saturday 2019.01.19
we met in the studio designed for this purpose in Randers
around 150 km from our place


Tim Vladimir welcomed us
he is the host of the program after all

It was a lovely afternoon

* * *

On Tuesday 2019.01.29
we were at the seed company DLF in Roskilde
300 km from our place
again Japanese evening with a sushi course

The next day deliveries around in Copenhagen
so normal days for us

During the first week of February
however Tomiko got very tired

Around 15-16 o´clock (it´s 3-4 pm) each day
she would have to go to the private section
and spend ½ hour in bed

The half hour turned into an hour
one hour approached two
and a few days later she also passed two hours

When we reached the middle of February
she sat in front of me in the office:
“I am simply so unbelievably tired
I would like the Elixir of Life now
I want to try and see if it can help me a bit”

Great, great was my surprise

Since I started with the Elixir of Life in 2003
Tomiko had made every portion
but she never took anything herself
partly because she is so ordinary
(H 155cm and W 50 kg)
but also because she moves a lot more than me
so we didn’t think she was forming extra cholesterol

But she did
that caused a blood clot in the heart

She could have been dead now

So we must note
that the textbooks, as they are now,
don’t quite follow reality

But the most important point
she made in 2003 though:

“Something that tastes so bad
isn’t going in my body”

OK – that’s the point of view
and of course I’ve never pushed her

But now she comes
and asks for the Elixir of Life

I was pleased – very pleased

Tomiko went into the kitchen and made a portion
and the next day she started taking it

Indeed, indeed, I say unto you:

Already the day after,
she didn’t have to go in and sleep

It is obvious enough
when oxygenated blood is flowing all around the body
then you get a lot more energy
of course

Tomiko was all in all
much, much better
yes, she was actually herself again
she could smile at me again every day

We often do hear almost the same these weeks
where hundreds of persons
already 1-2 days after the first Elixir of Life

Many inform us happily
that almost everything in the body is significantly improved
right from breathing to energy and well-being

Just so nice to hear

And so nice to find out
that it has helped Tomiko so much

I asked my spiritual advisor
whether we should drop her bypass surgery now
but was advised to proceed completely as planned
so we did