101-EN-14, Declared Cholesterol-free

2019.03.13 I had an appointment with our doctor Mette

Before I had sent the link to this little script
so she knew the reason for my visit
and she obviously found my assertion
very interesting
about being able to remove fat deposits from the blood vessels

Mette cannot decide about such a study herself
she can only respond – what happened at Herning Hospital,
which (at least in this area)
is almost like a branch of Skejby Hospital,
as they – to a large extent – were also involved

I asked for a Coronary arteriography (CAG) examination
(a long tube up the groin – up to the heart –
and contrast fluid is injected)
but that was refused
as I had previously had a CAG examination at Vejle Hospital
(well over a dozen years earlier)
and you can only have one
as it is not without risk

A few days later I was called for a thorough examination
and already 2019.04.01
I had an appointment at Herning Hospital
for a scan of the cardiovascular system

Herning carries out the scan
and specialists in Skejby follow
by looking at their screen

It began with a thorough X-ray of the chest

I wear a gold cross – it had to be removed during the X-ray
but it has not been undone for a quarter of a century
so it took the two kind girls 10-12 minutes to undo it

Finally, the preparations were over
and then things went fairly quickly
also x-rays from the sides of the chest
so a thorough examination

On to a new department
where my heart had to be scanned with ultrasound
(same as when you see live unborn babies)

A kind and friendly doctor was to do the scan
but first of all, do an electrocardiogram

No less than a dozen points (I think)
were connected to the machine
and there were no problems or inaccuracies either

Then the light was switched off
so the doctor could better discern details on the screen
and we were told to keep very quiet
and that Tomiko must not use the flash

I was placed in an almost locked side position
lying on my left side

For the next half hour,
the doctor moved the scanner around in the gel on my chest
(I could not see the screen from my position)

She clicked the mouse many times
(I could judge from the sounds)
and a photo was taken every time – indeed many photos
a whole load of photos

They really would have something to look at in Skejby

The heart valves are, of course, the subject of intense interest
here it can be quite easily revealed
if there are cholesterol deposits in the heart
(thus fat deposits)

Many pictures were produced on the screen

Finally, Tomiko (my wife)
was allowed to take all the photos she wanted off the screen

* * * * *

The doctor concluded with satisfaction
that I have absolutely no heart problems
“your heart is in no way worn
and the valves are working perfectly”

The valves are somewhat similar to the doors on kitchen cabinets
they should also close properly
there is a disorder if they are slightly open
though it’s not fatal

But fatal it can be
if there is a disorder of the heart valves

“Your heart will probably be fine for just as long
as it has managed up until now”

If that should happen
then I’ll be on the cover of Guinness Book of Records
because then I’ll get a world record in lifetime
and of course that doesn’t happen


Now I was just missing a final conversation
with another doctor
(who had a “foal” (medical student) with him)

He/they had followed the result of the morning
and together with the doctors in Skejby
studied the many pictures of the scans

His conclusion was the same
“your heart and circulatory system are free from problems
and apparently completely without cholesterol”

“If you remember to take your pills for high cholesterol
as well as eating sensibly and taking care of yourself
then you have many years ahead of you”

So there you have it