101-EN-07, A blood clot can be fatal

We all die at some point
that’s a fact – it’s that simple

Grandma here died at the age of 58
died of a blood clot in her heart
just like tens of thousands of others do every single day

I didn’t know her personally
but I knew/know the family – and therefore attended the funeral
about 100 km north of Manila

She was Salina’s grandmother

A blood clot can be fatal
everyone here on earth knows that

If a piece of the clot breaks away
or breaks loose – from the inside of the blood vessel
it then travels with the bloodstream

Heart and brain
the 2 most important organs of any person

That the broken off piece ends up in the heart or brain
is not entirely certain – but almost

Both destinations can mean
you have already eaten your last breakfast
and every single day its victims die

and in both cases

some do not die immediately
but instead become more or less disabled
often requiring the help of others for the rest of their lives