101-EN-17, Style of writing

The style of writing used is my own

The style of writing used – is my own
and not – as some believe – the Japanese haiku

Hundreds of years old Buddha figures – here in Asakusa, Tokyo

For most of you, who do not know about Japanese Haiku
it is very short poems in just 17 syllables or words
always divided into 3 lines with 5 + 7 + 5 syllables/words

Anyone can learn Haiku quite easily
e.g. moderately

Those, who master Haiku, are super skilled
if a single word is removed – the entire poem is destroyed
that is how amazing the text is composed

You may read more about Haiku here
there are even a few examples of Danish haiku

Haiku dates back to the 17th century
that’s when Tokyo was named EDO
and was merely a larger village
now Tokyo is the world’s largest city
38 million people with suburbs (2019.11)
every day the number increases by a few thousand

Tokyo, the world’s largest city, with 38 million citizens
here you can see the Town Hall tower
from which there is a great view of Tokyo
(free access – also for tourists)

my style of writing is my own
that I – compelled by facts – have adopted in all my writing

I have been writing and writing for the past 35 years
and currently I reply to 50-130 e-mails every day
(that’s mostly (80-85%) for our business)
plus a handful of pages daily in one of our pamphlets
each time in the same style

Teaching in Western countries
and not least in Denmark
has deteriorated substantially in recent decades

Teachers’ associations and other leftists will deny that
but it does not change the fact
that an astonishingly large part doesn’t master the language anymore

(I’ve had some writings with the ministry
particularly interested may read here)
but the text is in Danish only

72% can still read a plain text
but we are already at 28% of adult people,
and that is here in Denmark
who cannot read a plain text
the percentage has increased by 2 per year over the past 3 years
while the Teachers’ Association – year after year – postulates
that it is definitely not their fault


I do NOT write for the elite
I write for the masses

(but the elite is very welcome to read it also
if they can accept the level)

That is why I have developed my own style of writing


Last night (on 2019.11.23)
I had – once again – my presumptions confirmed

Last weekend, my wife and I returned
from a 2-week business trip in Japan

Before departure, the first 15 chapters were completed
and even put online – the Danish part only
translation to EN+JP is happening during these days and weeks

Before departure
I had sent a link to the person in question
and asked him to read
because he is – very much – threatened by cholesterol

we spoke together last evening about many other things
at last I asked about the pamphlet
and he quickly mentioned a few of the headlines

But when I asked a little more into it
he just couldn’t remember that part
and after a few minutes I had to say:

“Well Dennis – I can hear that you have not read it”


Then he said – somewhat low:
“but you do know that I can’t really read
and when I see your headlines in the left column
then I don’t click
I expect it is a kind of book with lots of text”

Oh no – I could then tell him
it is not a book
each link in the left column
provides a single page
with easy-to-read text and large images
just try and click on a link

some waiting time

Well – when the lines are that short
then I can read them

I’ll read it all tomorrow

Dennis runs his own business
his wife is a teacher of slightly larger pupils
but plain text makes him nervous

Dennis acknowledges his problem
unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands with the same problem
namely 28% of the population in DK
(it was “only” 20% when I changed my style of writing)

These are the ones I try to help
that’s why I use this easy-to-read writing style

Kind regards – SEM