101-EN-08, My wife got a blood clot

My beautiful wife Tomiko
during a visit to a wonderful Japanese garden in Løgstrup
she was to perform a traditional Japanese dance in the evening

It took place quite calmly
it was Wednesday December 12, 2018 around 3 in the afternoon
we both worked in the office – as we always do

“My chest feels funny –
it hurts a little”

Well, I’m sure it will pass
we both thought

Tomiko still had to pack a handful of orders
but an hour later it was worse

I called our doctor’s office – somewhat reluctantly

The secretary immediately said “You need to call an ambulance”

I didn’t like that – an ambulance – that’s drastic

“Well then I’ll call” and she did so

Tomiko was ambulanced to Herning Hospital
I followed in our car

* * *
The next day at noon
she was transferred to Skejby Hospital
where the cardiac experts decided
that she should have a bypass operation

But before that
her blood had to be thinned

An artery in the heart was almost completely blocked
so instead they would go around the blocked piece
i.e. they would bypass it

But before that her blood had to be thinned
with a Brilique pill morning and evening for 3 months
(the pills cost DKK 38 each at the pharmacy)
and then they could operate
that is, once the blood had thinned

She then had a stent placed in the hardened artery in her heart
so she could survive the 3 months until the blood thinned
and the actual surgery could take place

They went in with a “telescopic tube” just above the wrist
up to the shoulder – over into the heart
and they placed the stent here

Really elegantly done


The day after
she was ambulanced back to Herning Hospital by ambulance
and on Saturday the 15th I could drive to Herning
to bring my wife home

It was also needed now
because there were already about a dozen orders already waiting
no one is as good at packing as she
and she knows where everything is
(we have over 100 different Japanese products)

In return, I manage the paperwork and banking
customer contact, the website and suppliers

We have a perfect collaboration

* * *

We both find it
very difficult to be apart

Since we got married 28 years ago,
we have always been together – both day and night
so it was nice to be together again

Now we just had to wait the 3 months