101-EN-03, Calcification is nonsense

“By chance” my wife and I were visiting
3-4-5 months before
it was at my half-sister Jytte’s house
she is – like me – very interested in alternative treatment

That evening she showed me a garlic recipe
originating from an elderly wise man in Zealand
which should be able to clear calcified arteries
and I took the recipe home

Already the day after the hospital
I took the recipe out


Being raised in the countryside
I have seen lots of limescaled water pipes
and in my logic, there is no difference between that and calcification
it’s something about lime in the pipe
otherwise, the doctors are speaking against better knowledge
why one can only guess

* * *

It took many months
before I finally had a piece of limescaled water pipe

It was just a 2 mm sawn off piece
but enough for my trial

But this thin slice was absolutely perfect for my purpose

Tomiko immediately prepared a garlic mixture
we checked the weight and put the piece of pipe into the mixture

Unfortunately, it weighed the same
even after 5 days

And so we were only wiser on one point
that what doctors called calcification
had absolutely nothing to do with limestone

* * *

I tried many methods and many ways
to obtain a piece of calcified artery
so I could investigate what it was

that the calcium in blood vessels consists of

No less than 13 years passed
before I finally made progress

It was then under slightly different circumstances
namely that on 2018.12.12 my wife got a blood clot in her heart

But now I know
that of course there has never been calcium in a blood vessel
what doctors call calcium are fat deposits

So the right term is a hardening of blood vessels
and NOT calcified arteries
but hardened arteries